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At Gold Coast Community Lifestyles we work together to find the options that are going to work for you. We believe in flexible, creative and individual approaches to support and what works for one person is going to be different to what works for another.

We provide qualified, experienced support workers focused on quality outcomes for people. You can select from our existing pool of workers. This pool is made up of a diverse range of people with a variety of professional and life experiences that they bring to the goal focused work they do.

Alternatively we can recruit directly for your needs involving you in all aspects of the recruitment and selection process giving you choice and control over your staffing needs.

Gold Coast Community Lifestyles can provide staffing solutions for people with NDIS funding for Activities of Daily Living and Social, Community and Civic Participation.

Call us if you would like to start to have a conversation about what is possible.

 “We have been through so many support workers until we came to Gold Coast Community Lifestyles. We have now had the same worker for over a year and are seeing a huge improvement in the effective use of support time and a really nice relationship develop between our worker, our son and our whole family.”


“I have a team of 4 staff who provide support in the morning and evenings. I live independently and value this as the most important thing in my life. My staff help this remain a reality for me.”

The attitudes and values that support workers hold have a large impact on their success. Sometimes people acquire these naturally through their life and other times developing the right attitude and value base can be the role of a quality service in partnership with families.

What is brokered support?

Brokered support is when you choose to spend some of your funding with another service provider even though you wish to keep your funding package with your original service provider.

An example of brokered support

Jason enjoys his 2 days of programs with service A however he also has funding which could purchase 10 hours of one to one support in a week. Service A does not offer personalised recruitment and Jason will have to accept who he is paired with on any given day. Jason would like to work with the same person everyday and he has goal for his support. He would like to be able to work with animals one day and his one to one support is geared towards achieving steps in that direction. He hears about Service B who offer self-directed support options including recruitment. Service B are able to broker the funding for his 10 hours from Service A to assist Jason to identify and recruit a support person who has the skills or passion for animals. Service B can deliver the 10 hours per week of one to one support with Jason’s new support person and together they can work towards achieving Jason’s goal. 


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