GCCL has always been
about effecting change. 

Our philosophy is honouring the natural authority of families. That is, people and families make the choices around how they live their life, and have control over how support is provided and by whom.

GCCL provides the administrative and management procedures to enable this to happen with minimal interference however upon request experienced, creative and driven professionals are on hand to resource, support and guide if requested.

We can help you to understand the NDIS and how to make the most out of your funding and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Our philosophy is honouring the
natural authority of families.

what makes us different

GCCL was developed by people with disabilities and their families

The primary people who developed GCCL were all in receipt of individualised funding and in need of a service to be able to access the funds and adhere to legislative requirements of the funding. Our families knew what they needed and how they wanted support to be delivered so rather than being locked into inflexible arrangements that they did not control, they developed Gold Coast Community Lifestyles. GCCL continues to work with families and individuals to enable them to decide how their support arrangements would best help them to meet the vision they have for their life.

what makes us different

GCCL enables Self-Direction

To us self-direction simply  means that the person with a disability and their family are in control of their support arrangements. This means you decide when, where and who will deliver support.

what makes us different

We work to a VISION

All our service users draft a plan that details the vision they have for their life. Support arrangements are delivered to assist the individual and the family to make meaningful steps towards their goals and the lifestyle they choose to live.

what makes us different

GCCL believes inclusion and community are the cornerstones

A modern society recognises it benefits from the wide range of lived experiences people have to share. Inclusion and integration enable the collection of all of our stories which allows for a breaking down of barriers and a better understanding of eachother. But most importantly, a rich community life enhances an individuals opportunities for valued roles and relationships, critical to a meaningful life.

what makes us different

GCCL is well prepared for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Disability sector overall is undergoing significant change with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) alongside a shift in who has control over support arrangements. Many disability support organisations and government departments will have to radically change how they provide support to people and families. At GCCL it is business as usual. We have always operated from this platform and feel confident our service users are well prepared to maximise their opportunities provided by NDIS.

Our Team

Kirsty Schmitt

Service Coordinator

I  started working with GCCL in September 2017 and am so happy to be able to be part of an organisation that values respect, choice, freedom and control for people with a disability.

I have been blessed with many opportunities to broaden my work experience and education and I hope this enables me to contribute something meaningful to the work I do with people and families.

I believe in finding your passion and I believe that this passion combined with hard work and determination leads to you to a good life.


Leisa Menyweather

Executive Officer

My background is in the social sector and I have 20+ years years of experience in the community sector prompting inclusion. Many groups have been excluded from our society for generations and often still live a life on the margins.

I have worked in various roles in the disability sector including developing the Family Support Program.

In my corporate practice I wish to walk alongside through making truly inclusive choices for people with a disability and their family members. 


Nicole Souness

HR Administrator

I joined the GCCL team in December of 2017 as the Human Resource Administrator. I have a Social Science degree which has informed many of my beliefs and work practices and have a background in recruitment and children’s services.

 I am thrilled to be working in the Disability sector and be a part of a service that advocates for the rights and inclusion of all people with a strong emphasis and recognition on people with disabilities having control over and living authentic lives.

I feel that there are few barriers on what we can all achieve in our lives and with passion, determination and a good spirit there is no obstacle too great.

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