Gold Coast Community Lifestyles believes a Good Life is lived in community, is rich in relationships and roles and supports independence and capacity building.

Provides you with the support you need to 

  • Understand and implement your NDIS plan
  • Connect you with the services you need to reach your plan goals 
  • Build your capacity to engage with all aspects of utilising your plan and preparing you for reviews

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Is responsible for paying invoices from you service providers. This service helps you to manage your plan effectively.

You will receive monthly statements which;

  • Lists invoices paid on your behalf
  • Tracks your spending
  • Provides projected expenditures against approved funding

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Our experienced Service Delivery Team can assist you to choose your staff and direct the supports you need to meet your goals. Our staff are qualified and experienced and able to provide;

  • In Home supports incl. personal care and domestic assistance
  • Social Supports
  • Community Development

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Easy Guide to NDIS categories-COS-LAC-PM

Support Coordination
  • Helps you to understand your Plan and what you can purchase with your funds
  • Help to find services that fit you and your family
  • Help to log in and understand how to you use your NDIS MyPlace Portal 
  • Support to identify practitioners to assist in the assessment and purchase of Assisstive Technology as per your NDIS Plan
  • Assistance to develop or ensure Service Agreements with providers.
  • Support to prepare for unscheduled and scheduled reviews with the NDIS
  • Help to resolve points of crisis
  • Liason between NDIS and family.
  • Future planning
  • Good Support Co-ordinator will help you make the most of your NDIS Plan
  • If you need this service, you must request with your plan
Local Area Coordination
  •  Sits in NDIS Offices
  • Can assist you to plan for your first NDIS meeting
  • In most cases you will have your first meeting with an LAC to develop your NDIS Plan at the LAC offices
  • In most cases you will sit down with this same LAC to do the review in 12 months time
  • A LAC can provide some of the same services a Support Coordinator does only not to the same level of detail eg. They can provide;
  • Lists of services in your area
  • Service agreement templates
  • Help to login to the portal
  • Advice around the Assisstive Technology process
Plan Management
  • Assists you to pay for the services that your NDIS Plan provides. These services include
  • Staffing providers
  •  Consumable items
  • Therapists and capacity supports
  •  Some Assistive Technology
  •  Will confirm Service Agreements are in place with all providers
  • Helps you to track your funding by
    supplying a monthly statement of expenditure
  • Provide information on NDIS guidelines around whether something
    can be purchased out of your Plan

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