Good Supports – A lived experience by Sarah Menyweather

I have had support workers in my life for about 18 years; one of my first support workers was Erin. Imagine Erin, my sisters, Bananas in Pyjamas, in a big blue Volvo, let the good times roll. I believe Erin has been the best support worker my family and I have been lucky to have in our lives (she paid me to say that lol)

I guess if you are doing a disability course you will want to work in the disability industry. I think as a disability support worker you will come in a contact with very different types of people, different not because the person you support has a disability, but because everyone is so different. As a support worker you will also learn there are so many types of disability. My best advice would be to put yourself in the persons shoes. I like for my support workers to have a day getting around in a wheelchair and like to give them one of my spare chairs especially the ones with the flat tyres and we always try the travelator at the local shops. I think just put yourself in that person’s shoes for one day and you will have a good understanding of what supports the person will be requiring.

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