Compliments & Complaints

A guide to raising an issue or a complaint

Our philosophy is honouring the natural authority of families.

Gold Coast Community Lifestyles LTD provides a flexible range of individually tailored disability services Gold Coast and Tweed Head’s clients and their families will benefit from, allowing them to take control of the care they receive and how it is delivered.

We believe that the quality of the service can only be maintained when communication is open and frank. If you have an issue or a complaint, we welcome your input!  Remember, we also like to hear when things are going well!

Individuals, their representatives and employees are valued for their contribution to the growth and development of Gold Coast Community LTD.  We recognise this, along with the need to have an avenue to reconcile any problems or difficulties that may arise. 

The following may be some of the issues that may be raised with us at any time.

  • You want to highlight an issue, make a suggestion or compliment about a situation or event
  • You believe you have been wronged
  • You want to complain about something an individual/their family have done
  • You think a common practice within the organisation should be changed
  • Anything else you wish to raise with us

What can you do about it?

The first step is to approach the person directly to discuss any concerns.  If this is difficult for any reason or you have tried to raise it with the person concerned, any of the Management Team will be happy to assist.

A course of action will be implemented as per our Compliments and Complaints Policy and Complaints Procedure to resolve the issue.  All complaints will be recorded in the Complaints and Compliments Register at Gold Coast Community Lifestyles LTD.

If you feel that the complaint is not resolved after each step of the procedure to your satisfaction, you have a right of redress to the next stage of the procedure.  If the raised complaint remains unresolved after this process, there are a number of organisations you could contact who may be able to assist you further. Phone numbers are listed below along with contact numbers for Gold Coast Community Lifestyles personnel in Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Community Lifestyles Contact Numbers

Management Team                                                    

Phone: (07) 55939069

Individuals/ Individuals Representatives

Gold Coast Disability Advocacy Inc

6/18 Ferry St, Nerang QLD 4211

Queensland Aged and Disability Advocacy


Phone: 1800 818 338

NDIS Complaints


Phone: 1800 800 110

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Complaint contact form:  
click here.

Phone: 1800 035 544   (9am to 5pm local time, Monday to Friday – Excluding public holidays)


Dispute Resolution Branch

Floor 1 Brisbane Magistrates Court

363 George Street, Brisbane Qld 4000

Postal Address: GPO Box 149 Brisbane Qld 4001

Phone: (07) 3239 6007   Toll free outside Brisbane: 1800 017 288  Fax: (07) 3239 0200

Anti-Discrimination Commission

Level 20, 53 Albert Street, Brisbane

(cnr Albert and Margaret Streets near the City Botanic Gardens)

Postal Address: City East Post Shop PO Box 15565 City East QLD 4002.

Telephone: 1300 130 670 (Toll Free) TTY: 1300 130 680 Fax: (07)3247 0960

Complaints Resolution & Referral Service

Phone : 1800 880 052 free call  Fax: 02 9318 1372

Email  Click here

Postal Address:  PO Box 1764 Osborne Park DC WA 6916

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

(for issues with NDIS Plans that cannot be resolved with the LAC or NDIS Planner)

Phone: 1800 228 333

Online application: Click here


Fair Work Australia [Work Condition and Pay Disputes] 

Phone: 1300 799 675