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GCCL is a leading NDIS provider of Plan Management services for Gold Coast and Tweed Heads residents with disability.

Plan Management is a funded support item that enables a Plan Management Agency to pay your service providers for the services you have purchased.  The PMA does not arrange your support but pays your bills for you.

Plan Management is a Capacity Building Support and the NDIS will give you the choice of how you manage your funds. You can either have the NDIS manage the funds, you can self-manage the funds or have the funds plan managed. 

A Plan Manager can be a good way of getting the benefit and flexibility of self-management, but with someone to assist with the financial side of things.  You can continue to pay for your supports and services from registered and non-registered providers based on funded supports.

How does Plan Management work with Gold Coast Community Lifestyles? 

Once contact has been made with Gold Coast Community Lifestyles we will send you a Service Agreement and Information pack.

Our information pack details where providers can send their invoices to and what our payment terms are

You access services and your providers send us your invoices

We claim from the NDIS and pay the providers on your behalf

If you are required to pay for anything upfront, simply provide us with the receipts and we will reimburse you directly

We send you monthly statements to help track your plan expenditure and alert you to low balances and review time dates. There is also an app available for you so that you can track your funds and invoice payments in real time

“Let not our needs determine our dreams,

but let our dreams determine our needs.”

Colleen F Tomko

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

Alan Lakein

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Ziad Abdelnour

How do I find out what I can purchase with my funds?

The NDIS have guidelines about what can be purchased from the different funds you have been allocated. If what you would like to purchase meets the below requirements you can send the invoice for payment or receipt for reimbursement to Gold Coast Community Lifestyles

DISABILITY RELATED: Do I need this because of my disability?

VALUE: Is it reasonably priced and good value compared to other options?

GOALS: Will it help me reach my goals in my NDIS plan?

AFFORDABLE: Can I purchase this without leaving other support areas underfunded?

COMMUNITY & RELATIONSHIPS: Will it help me be part of activities with friends and the community, or help me find a job, and it’s not something family, friends or community should provide?

MOST APPROPRIATE FUNDING BODY: Is it something that should be funded by the NDIS and not other Government services like dental, health or hospital services, education, housing or public transport?

IS IT SAFE: Is it safe and legal? It should not hurt you or put yourself or others at risk. 

Fees & Responsibilities

Gold Coast Community Lifestyles uses the NDIS Price Guide allocated amounts for Plan Management fees. These funds are allocated in your plan if you have chosen to be Plan Managed and are a STATED support meaning they can only be used to pay for Plan Management services. 




How long does it take for invoices or reimbursements to be paid?

At GCCL we advise that there is a 7 day turnaround from date invoice is received to payment being made into the relevant account. When we receive an invoice into the Plan Manager email address you will receive a confirmation email to say we have your invoice and it is being processed. Your app will help you track the payment of the invoice.

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