NDIS Update Blog by Leisa Menyweather – Executive Officer – GCCL

With such a large scale shift in Disability Funding about to take place we hope that this blog helps to untangle the fact from fiction and keep us all up to date on how things are rolling out in the trial sites occurring in both Queensland and across the country. Leisa is not only the Executive Officer for Gold Coast Community Lifestyles but also the mother of 2 wonderful young ladies who live with disability. How the NDIS will potentially change the opportunities they will have access to is of particular interest to Leisa given everything she has fought for over the year.

“Inclusion and community is the only direction we move in and we refuse to accept anything less. I really want to believe the NDIS can help achieve meaningful outcomes for people with disability but I am also weary, I am a savvy consumer of government rhetoric and ineffective system driven community services so I want to see something different, I want to be a 

yes funding is so important but a shift in thinking, attitide and expectations within the community is at the core of the change we want to see.”

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