The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)



GCCL is a registered NDIS provider for individuals and their families wanting the highest standard of  Tweed Heads and Gold Coast disability services. The NDIS is the new way of distributing funding to people living with disability.  Rather than the state Governments Department of Communities allocating funding to state based disability services and some individuals with Disability, the NDIA will distribute funding to every eligible person living with Disability individually. This funding can then be used to purchase the supports and services you need and from whatever service provider you choose.

The underlying values of the NDIS are choice and control. Individual funding supports these values, enabling people with disability to live the life that works for them. 

To maximise your NDIS opportunities we encourage you to understand the system has much as you can and to vision for yourself the life that you would like – the everyday life.


Have a vision for what a good life for you would look like. The NDIS is not going to fund the extraordinary but are going to be asking you what is important to you to live a life that is like your same age peers. Generally support is focused around areas of daily living that require support; personal care, transportation, communication, as well as identifying what support is needed to engage in study or employment, recreational and social activities and independent living options.

It is important to think about what your dreams are for these elements of your life. If you need help with this it can be a rewarding and productive experience to bring in your family, friends and carers to sit together to help you identify these things and put together a vision for what a good life or even a good day looks like for you and what supports you would need to achieve this.

It can be helpful to bring these same people together as a “Circle of Support” on a regular basis to help keep you on track towards the goals you set and how well supports are working for you.


Asks you to link that vision to achievable goals that help you meet that vision. This is the nitty gritty and requires you to look at what supports are actually needed to meet the vision you have. Goals need to be developed as NDIS plans will link funding to achievable and measurable goals. In-home support hours, one to one community support hours, therapeutic aids and assistive technologies, modifications and mobility aids are just some of the areas that funding will be available for however you must be able to show how these things relate to your goals for life, whether they be independent living, skill development and or social and civic participation.

It will be important to think about;

You will need to develop a Participant statement for your NDIS Plan and this will need to include your goals, environment, personal context as well as the informal, mainstream, community and funded (disability services) supports.

Participant Statement areas to be considered;

Plan Objectives:          What is needed to achieve your plan goals.

Plan Strategies:           How will you achieve the plan objectives.

Plan Supports:            the supports needed to achieve your goals.

Plan Barriers:               What is preventing you from achieving your goals.


The NDIA has developed a form that you can use to assist you to gather this information and keep notes for the planning and assessment meeting so you do not forget important information.

This will inform your Plan of Supports which describes the supports NDIS will assist you to access and those funded by the NDIS.

They will be funded in three categories;

Core Supports: Reasonable and necessary funded supports you require with all elements of daily living as identified in your planning.

Capital: Assistive technology that supports your identified goals.

Capacity Building: Funding linked to short term, measurable outcomes, very goal focused and can relate to elements around building and retaining independence, skill development and social inclusion.


Here at GCCL, we understand you want to get the most out of your NDIS package and receive high quality services for the best price. GCCL aligns its prices with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Price Guide for providers. We encourage you to review this guide to understand the prices for our NDIS services.  The NDIA reviews the NDIS price guide at least annually and sets prices that reflect wage inflation and changes in the market. The 2019/20 Price guide incorporates the introduction of the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). The TTP was introduced to assist providers to continue transforming their the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). The Price guide also includes an establishment fee where personal care/community access exceeds 20 hours per month.

Gold Coast Community Lifestyles prices, fees and charges for our disability services in Gold Coast and Tweed Heads can be found on the document below including Temporary Transformation Payment.



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